Born in Mannheim, Germany I grew up in the metropolitan Ruhr area in western Germany.  Since more than two decades I work and live in Hannover, Germany. 

As a dedicated autodidact in photography I enjoy modern digital workflows as well as sophisticated chemical film processes. 

My major photographic experience has been earned in natural environments, workplaces and studios while I enjoy working with natural or available light most. 

Besides attending professional workshops I graduated during the last years in Photojournalism and Portrait Photography at the New York Institute of Photography.

My Photography 

My photographic roots lay in environmental street photographs of people and advanced storytelling with journalistic essays became another deep passion for me. Taking portraits either „on site” for an essay or in a dedicated studio set up requires the right connection between photographer and model. Experiencing this flow is very enjoyable for me.

PHOTOMANUFAKTUR describes the creative process resulting in the crafted print, regardless of the way used to create it. The focus is always the picture. 


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